MSc Theses

Cash, A.E.   Structural and Hydrologic Characterization of Two Historic Waste Rock Piles
Klassen, R.   Convective Cooling of Waste Rock Piles, Diavik Mine, NWT
Jubinville, S.K.   Prediction of Rainfall Runoff for Soil Cover Modelling
Stewart, M.   Removal of Contaminants from Oil Sands Tailings
Zheng, D.M.   Mechanical Characteristics of Soils Treated with a Liquid Stabilizer
Adamczak, K.   Examining Historical Climate with Respect to Future Permafrost and Engineering Design: An Analysis of Common Assumptions and Calculations
Cui, Yifei   Direct Shear Failure of a Synthetic Rock Containing Discontinuous Joints
Abolfazlzadehdo-shsnbehbazari, M.
  Characterizing the Transport of Process-Affected Water Contained in Oil Sands Tailings Ponds into the Underlying Pleistocene Clay Till in Northern Alberta's Athabasca Oil Sands Region: A Field Study
Ewanchuk, A.  

Characterization of Oil Sands Process-affected Water Using Fluorescence Technology

Russell, J.  

Process Analysis of Rockfalls with Stationary Terrestrial LiDAR and RockFall Analyst

Small, C.
  Activation of Delayed and Fluid Petroleum Coke for the Adsorption and Removal of Naphthenic Acids from Oil Sands Tailings Pond Water
Zhang, Ying   Laboratory Study of Freeze-Thaw Dewatering of Albian Mature Fine Tailings (MFT)
Ding, Yuhai

Dissolution of Salts Encapsulted with Elemental Sulfur
Tappenden, K.
  Predicting the Axial Capacity of Screw Piles Installed in Western Canadian Soils
Abbas, Syed
  Deposition of Sulfur to Attore water Treatment Waste Salts
Bales, Bryan
  Freeze-Thaw Dewatering of Oil Sands Tailings as Past of a Natural Remediation
Beier, N.A.   Freeze Separation of Contaminants from Salt Contaminated Water
Bjornsson, Gudjon   Thaw Induced Axles Load Limits
Li, Pingke   Numerical Simulation of the SAGD Process Coupled with Geomechanical Behavior
Niven, Eric
  On the USe of the SPT and CPT in Loose Sands
Shi, Ruifeng
   A Methodology for Evaluating Rainfall-induced Railway Found Hazards Encountered at Port Douglas, June 1998
Xia, Dejun (Derek)  

Frost Heave Process in Freezing Soils

Abraha, Dawit G.

Sulfur Concrete Haul Roads at SUNCOR Oil Sands Mines

Bosse, Marc C.

Performance EPB-TBM in Mixed Face Conditions: City of Edmonton South LRT Extension - University Station to Health Sciences Station

Chang, Won Jae
  Diffusion of Ammonium Through Glacial Clay Soils
Draude, Kris
  Geochemical response of a potable aquifer to leakage from geologically sequestered carbon dioxide
Jeeravipoolvarn, Silawat (Song)
  Compression Behaviour of Thixotropic Oil Sand Tailings
Liu, Xiteng
  Soil Bearing Capacity for Crawler Cranes
Willoughby, Amanda
  Freeze Separation to Remove Nutrients from Liquid Swine Manure
Zarnani, Saman

Long Term Performance of DEvon Geogrid Reinforced Clay Embankment

Coulter, Steven
  Influence of Tunnel Jet-Grouting on Ground Deformations at the Aescher Tunnel, Switzerland
Iqbal, Muhammad S.
  Discrete Element Modeling of Cone Penetration Testing in Coarse Grain Soils
Sabir, Ali
  A Comparative Study of CO2 Adsorption on Intact and Crushed Coal
Birch, Sean
  Flow and Filtration into HDD wells in river bottom sediments for potable water
Boratynec, Dennis
  Fundamentals of Rapid Dewatering of Composite Tailings
Wood, Renata
  Response of Dense Beach Above Water Tailings To Cyclic Equipment Loading at Syncrude's Southwest Sand Storage Facility
Yong, Salina
  A Slide in the Harrowby Hills

Dutari, J.F.G. (Poncho)

  A Sulphur Concrete Retaining Wall
Ho, Anna
  Transport Processes in Cap Rock
Otto, Steve
  Freeze Separation of Saline Groundwater
Santamaria, Carlos
  Circumferential buckling of polymer pipes under earth and fluid pressures
Tipthavonnukul, S.
  Numerical Simulation of Granular Particle Movement in Fluid Flow
Banks, Stephanie
  Mechanical Characteristics of Kaolin-Cement Mixture
Cross, Catherine
  Natural Attenuation at upstream oil and gas contaminated sites
Godwaldt, R.

Acid Mine Drainage at Sub-Zero Temperatures

Hong, Hanh N.

Geotechnical Applications of Crumbed Tire Rubber

Wilcheck, Lori-Ann

Ground Penetrating Radar for Detection of Rock Structure